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Your vehicle and the vehicles that your loved ones drive play an important role in your daily routines. As such, the desire to keep these important possessions in top operating condition is imperative. Beyond the desire to ensure safe, reliable transportation, having a vehicle in peak operating condition impacts your life in so many ways that most people disregard. Maximum fuel efficiency, especially as gasoline prices have fluctuated so greatly, is one way of deriving maximum value for the dollar. Additionally, a vehicle that is not operating in peak operating condition could cause accidents or be the cause of the operator receiving a summons.

Our service team is here to help you avoid situations like this. Our goal is to ensure that when you bring your vehicle in, we will test and diagnose any existing or potential issues. We will suggest service necessary and with your agreement, we will make all necessary repairs. Our ASE certified technicians will consult with you throughout the process to ensure that you know exactly what is being done and that all meets with your approval. Along with addressing specific issues that are causing your vehicle to not operate properly, we provide standard services such as oil changes, tire service and repair, brake service, engine tune-ups, and full transmission service to name a few.

Additionally, we are an authorized New York State Inspection site so that when you bring your vehicle in we can ensure that when you get back on the road your vehicle is not only in peak operating condition but also in full compliance with New York State Department of Motor Vehicle certifications.

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