Not all repairs are costly ones. Feel free to stop in to Medford brake repair shop or call us and make an appointment for a free evaluation today. Stop getting ripped off and get the service you deserve.Your vehicles brakes work hard each and every time you drive. The useful lifespan of your new brake pads can vary based on the driving styles of you and others family who may use the vehicle. Along with the brake pads, the rotors are another important part of most vehicle’s braking systems. Rotors are the surface of which the pads grab to stop your vehicle. Calipers are also a key component they are the part that hydraulically squeezes the pads to stop the vehicle. These parts need periodically to be cleaned and lubricated to assure good stopping ability. Your hydraulic fluid should be periodically changed to keep from damaging other hydraulic components of the braking system. Even under normal braking conditions your brakes wear causing low pedal conditions a simple clean and adjustment to your brakes can make your brake pedal sometimes feel much better.

Some common signs that your in need of brake replacement are squeaking sound when the brakes are applied, the sound of grinding and a rough feeling as the car slows, your brake pedal feels spongy, or you feel like you have to press your foot down further and further to stop. If you are noticing any of these symptoms, we encourage you to call us and make an appointment to have your brakes looked at immediately.

Keeping your car’s braking system in proper working order is not only an important safety factor, but it will also help to minimize the chance of incurring more costly brake repairs in the future. Don’t trust just anyone to perform these services on your vehicle have a trained certified car repair technician at ER Automotive do the job correct the first time. Don’t be fooled by competitor cheap ads for the least expensive brake pads. You have a lot riding on your brakes. At ER Automotive we provide you with quality parts at great prices.

Our Brake Repair Services Include but not limited to: