The wheels on your vehicle are the most necessary component for you to get where you are going. You can have a full tank of gas and an engine that performs at optimal levels but if you do not have the proper tires, expertly installed and maintained then all you have is a high-performance statue. But simply buying new tires and maintaining the proper air pressure levels is just the beginning.

You tires need to be expertly aligned and balanced to provide you with the best miles-per-gallon performance, ensuring that every dollar you pay for fuel has the greatest value extracted from it. But for many, the concepts of alignment and balancing are somewhat vague. Alignment refers to the way your vehicle’s wheels are positioned. When wheels are properly aligned, you’ll get better gas mileage; tires will last longer; steering will be easier; your car will drive smoother; and most importantly, the driving experience will be safer. Alignment problems add stress to other vehicle components, including steering and suspension parts.

Often confused with wheel alignment, a properly balanced wheel is a beautiful, perfectly tuned wheel-tire combination. This is accomplished by placing measured weights on the opposite side of the “heavy spot”. Hitting potholes and normal vehicle wear-and-tear can cause unbalanced wheels. Uneven tire wear can indicate unbalanced wheels, or possibly something a little more severe like steering or a suspension problem so it’s wise to check and rotate your vehicle’s tires regularly. Here at ER Automotive we have a full line of all available tires with three convenient deliveries a day rest assure we will have you rolling in no time at all. We also provide rim repair and reconditioning if needed. So if you have a bent rim no need to purchase an expensive rim from the dealer or a rim that’s just as bent as yours from the junk yard you now can have your original as good as new again.

Our team of tire experts are ready to analyze your vehicles tires and provide you with the guidance necessary for you to make the proper decisions. All of our work is done right the first time so that when you get back on the road it is with the full confidence that your wheels are in peak performance shape.