Oil Changes

For your vehicles engine to maintain peak performance, it has one very important liquid to thank: your engine oil. Keeping your engine running at peak performance wouldn’t be possible without regularly scheduled oil changes. Motor oil is literally your engine’s lifeblood, and if you don’t change it on a regular basis, internal engine parts prematurely wear and even possibly seize. As motor oil ages, it loses it ability to properly lubricate what is needed to be lubricated, losing its viscosity and becoming infected with contaminants. Old, dirty motor oil left in your system will begin to thicken, losing its luster and ability to protect your engine. The engine wear and damage caused by old oil will result in reduced performance and even expensive repairs. Nobody wants to pay for avoidable repairs to your car, especially in these challenging economic times.

Medford Oil Changes experts, ER Automotive are here to help you keep your car or truck properly maintained and your engine protected with the right engine oil, expert service and advice. With all the right oil change options, we have the motor oils that meet your vehicle’s needs and, just as importantly, your budget. With proper oil system maintenance you can keep your car and truck in peak performance condition today, tomorrow and for many thousands of miles to come.